Ideeas were delighted to be shortlisted for two awards at the 2016 Business Awards—we were up for Green Champion and the sustainable Development Award.

Ideeas are announced as winner in the 2017 Business Innovator Awards for Best Event Environmental Management Service—Scotland. We also won an Excellence Award for Environmental Impact Assessments—UK.

In August 2017 we headed off to Bulgaria to lead ateliers and to advise on sustainability issues at the RADAR “Beyond Muisc” Festival.

We are also delighted to be awarded mentorship funding to assist with the Hong Kong based Absolutely Fabulous Theatre Company to set up a new festival at Shalowan, Hong Kong. We will be undertaking site visits and working with the local community in February 2018 to help develop the festival concept and highlight sustainability issues.

Ideeas are delighted to be working with the inspiring Spark of Genius organisation helping them find suitable properties for their teaching facilities.

Our expertise at music festivals is proving helpful once again as we provided assistance to Island Music in their efforts to set up Islay’s first music festival in Summer 2017.

Managing Director Steve Taylor is key presenter at the Sustainable Cultural Management Course held in Thessaloniki, Greece, June 6th–10th 2016. Advising course participants on the Great Outdoors, how to leave a site as you found it after a major outdoor event or festival. He was also a speaker at the Green Events and Innovations conference in London in March highlighting sustainability at events in Scotland and Africa.

Steve Taylor is a representative on the European Interreg supported FREED project. Working with the Green Angel Syndicate in Edinburgh, he is helping advise on innovations in the renewable energy sector in the Northern Periphery of Europe.

Our festival work continues with an economic review of the Wickerman festival held in Dumfries and Galloway. The festival had a rest year in 2016, but behind the scenes work goes on and we were pleased to work with Mark Kummerer associates to help provide an economic case for maintaining a major scale festival in this location.