Harvesttime at Eastwood Nursery Allotments

Secured allotments for fifty local gardeners saving around 36 tonnes of CO2e in its first year alone

Performers at the Lake of Stars Festival in Malawi

Providing sustainability management for Malawi’s leading music festival

Research at the Runde Environmental Centre in Norway

Find out how partners all around the world rely on our environmental expertise

Addressing the climate emergency in a post-Covid world

In March 2020, ideeas ltd produced what may be the first Climate Emergency Plan for a proposed new housing development in Scotland. Addressing key issues which impact on climate change, the plan has helped developers to understand how to reduce CO2 emissions and limit the carbon footprints of those involved in the development.

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But how do we balance our proposals to address the Climate Emergency with the realisation that the current Covid-19 world will be very different, where funds are limited and where many clients’ priorities will be simply to get back to work?

We work with companies, organisations and authorities to consider exactly how we emerge from the lockdown and the economic devastation of summer 2020 while protecting our environment, reducing CO2 emissions and working with our communities who are at risk of being left behind. Ideeas have established a process for helping businesses, communities, local authorities and institutes through the post-Covid climate emergency world.

Let ideeas help you to address the difficult challenge of responding to the climate emergency while emerging from the economic difficulties of summer 2020.

When you’re looking to reduce your Carbon Footprint, lower running costs and improve your green credentials, IDEEAS ltd is the company to help you. Founded in 2004, we work with businesses, community groups, government agencies, sports clubs, events and international projects to make your organisation more sustainable.
  • If you are looking to become more environmentally responsible we provide the bespoke advice to reduce your environmental impact, improve resource efficiency, win consents and permits and work with regulators to improve compliance and prevent prosecution. We win environmental awards.
  • If you are looking to reduce costs we can help you reduce waste, water and energy, and by winning grants and funds
  • If you are looking to put sustainability at the heart of your organisation we can develop projects, messages and actions to ensure you run your organisation in a sustainable manner with low carbon footprint and high corporate social responsibility
Working with ideeas is an enjoyable process where we help you choose your way forward. With 30 years’ experience in the environmental sector and an international outlook, we have a record of securing funds, helping businesses and improving social and community enterprises that has seen ideeas scoop a series of environmental and business awards.


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Successful Record in Attracting Grant Funds

We have secured over €100million in grants for our customers, providing help to sports clubs, community recycling projects, National Museums, water companies and others.

Circular Economy

We have been working with businesses and community groups to develop Circular economy projects including working with the innovative Cradle to Cradle concept on ten different North Sea islands. We are currently operating a local scale food waste to compost project and creating ideas for aquaponics, mushroom growing and egg shell recycling.

Winning Environmental awards

In our role as event sustainability managers we have won Greener Festival awards for three different festivals and achieved substantial media coverage for environmental protection at major music festivals.

Sustainability at events and festivals

Making sports clubs greener and more efficient

International sustainability projects